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The Warwickshire Yeomanry Museum Trust

The Regimental Museum

The Museum was until 1967 located at the Regiment’s Headquarters in Warwick when it moved to the Drill Hall at Stratford upon Avon. It was soon realised alternative premises would be needed to house the entire collection and although attempts were made to find an alternative venue, nothing suitable was forthcoming.

In 1976 the Mayor of Warwick offered the use of the Basement of the Court House, Warwick and in 1979 a public appeal was launched and on the 25 April 1981 the Museum was officially opened by the Mayor of Warwick.

Key Aims and Objectives

To continue to improve, develop and review all aspects of:

As set out in the Museum’s Forward Plan 2014-18 subject to annual review.

 Nature of Collection in Museum 

The collection covers the period 1794 to 1956 and is divided in four parts



Digital Collection

Reserve Collection


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Chairman: Maj David Hardy TD.

   Trustee: Lt Col Richard Showell TD.

   Trustee: Maj Mike Burman TD
   Trustee: Mrs Margaret Haycock.

   Trustee: Mr Philip Wilson.

   Trustee: Maj Lucy Sewell

   Secretary to the Trustees: Philip Wilson.

Mission Statement

To safeguard the heritage and collective memory of those who have served with the Warwickshire Yeomanry so that both present and future generations may learn the importance of the past through its history.

Governing Body

The Museum is run in accordance with the Declaration of Trust 20 November 1979.

The Trustees are drawn from those who have had a close involvement with the Regiment and its successors (6) with 3 ex-officio Trustees as stated in clause 14; they meet twice yearly, in addition to undertaking duties as volunteer curators when the Museum is open.  Clause 16 covers the appointment of an unpaid Museum Secretary who supports the Trustees in the management and governance of the Museum.  The Trustees have agreed the appointment of a Curatorial Advisor.

Acquisition and Disposal Policy

The latest policy was approved by the Museum Trustees in March 2017 and there after every three years.  Any acquisitions outside the stated policy will only be made in exceptional circumstances and with full consideration by the Trustees.

The Museum Trust Secretary/Archivist is responsible for all aspects of the day to day management of the Museum and is assisted by a team of volunteers who undertake curatorial duties.

Sources of Revenue

Entirely by voluntary subscription and by Collecting Box in the Museum. We are not allowed to charge for entry as the Court House is a public building owned by the Warwick Town Council.  As an Accredited Museum the Trustees look to maximise grants available for specific projects within the Museum.

Main Type of Visitor          

Annual visitor numbers continue to climb and come from the UK and many countries around the globe.


 New Visitors to Museum Website (Launch 2010)

Number of visitors to Museum Website

Number of visitors to Museum
(days open in brackets)

June  2010 to
31 May 2012

0 to 3,208



 1 June 2012 to
8 August 2014



Nil Museum Closed

Museum Open Day
9 August 2014



          300+ (1)

August 2014



         1,130    (9)

September 2014



         1,176    (8)






The Trustees place on record their thanks to the Warwick Town Council and all who generously support the Museum.








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